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Our clients have many different reasons to choose a wig from us:

Essex Wig Centre :: Chemotherapy

At the Essex Wig Centre  we are totally attuned to the trauma that hair loss can cause at such a difficult time to a persons self-esteem and resulting loss of confidence. One of the main concerns effecting a patient that will be undergoing treatment is the ability to find and choose a system or Chemotherapy wig that will look and feel as natural as possible, giving a secure fit and ease of use.

Finding and purchasing such a wig can be problem, the Essex Wig Centre can ease your concerns by taking away the uncertainty and added resulting pressure, all our staff are extremely sympathetic and patient to your anxiety and will insure that you leave with exactly the right choice for you.

Most people are usually surprised to find how realistic and comfortable the new chemotherapy wigs can be to wear and look.

The Essex Wig Centre offer a wide range of classic and modern looking wigs, wether they are real hair or one of the incredibly realistic looking synthetic wigs. We would recommend that a client visit our Centre to receive advice on a  complementary free consultation to ascertain the needs of you as an individual and for us to recommend the right and appropriate hairpiece. We strongly recommend that it is the finishing and styling of your chosen hairpiece that will result in your satisfied individual bespoke result.

Before you will leave our Centre you will be advised on all your after care needs and advised on what products you will need to keep your hairpiece looking as natural as possible, resulting in your satisfaction and the ultimate friendly reassuring service we pride ourselves in.

Our Chemotherapy Contributions scheme ensures that 5% of all hairpiece sales are contributed to the numerous cancer charities within the UK. Please see our charitable donation section.
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