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Your Visit
Essex Wig Centre truly appreciate the stress an individual incurs through partial or total loss of hair and of course the impact on that persons confidence.
One of the hardest things a hair loss suffer will have to deal with is taking initial steps into resolving their circumstances, this can be temporarily through such treatments as chemotherapy to more permanent disorders including Alopecia Totalis or generic pattern baldness.

 Understanding this strain and anxiety our centre has adopted a unique and comforting way  of making the whole process a more uplifting and reassuring experience.
From that first phone contact one of our dedicated receptionists will take all your details and assure that one of our personal experts will phone you back at your convenience, we work this way because we feel it's very important that the initial consultation on the phone will help reassure you and most importantly is not rushed making sure both parties are not under time constraints.

When your phone consultation has resulted in your first free salon consultation being booked we aim to appoint that time to be able to welcome you personally to our VIP relaxed centre, this has been sympathetically furnished and comfortably appointed with some of the latest technology but assuring a relaxing ambience.

Your personal stylist will first make you feel comfortable and relaxed at our comfy seating area with a beverage of your choice to help you relax enabling you to be able to discuss your options and explore the potential solutions. We will usually requesting you bringing in some of your most recent photos to be able to replicate your image or even sometimes enhancing or changing your look for the better or just fun, but always resulting with you leaving us with renewed confidence, inspiring a natural and realistic result.

All our clients leave feeling relieved and confident that they have been conscientiously advised and genuinely relieved that our stylists have been able to listen and diagnose the best solution for them wether it be for a temporary period or an ongoing condition.

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