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Essex Wig Centre :: VAT exemption form

VAT exemption
VAT exemption is available to clients who wear wigs for necessity reasons. Customers who require wigs due to alopecia, hair loss as a result of chemotherapy treatment or any other medical condition that causes hair loss, and is confirmed by a GP, are classed as necessity wearers. If any of the above applies to you, you are entitled to receive the VAT off the cost of your wig at the time of purchase.
Please note: VAT exemption applies to wigs only and does not apply to accessories.

Exemption on VAT is available whether you purchase from our retail stores, mail order or over the internet.

A form will be given to you when purchasing your goods from our retail salon. This form will need to be completed and handed or sent back to your ESSEX WIG CENTRE representative.

Mail order customers will need to state that they are VAT exempt when placing their orders over the telephone, however a form is still required. A form can either be sent via post to the address below or an email version of the form can be sent via email to  with VAT exemption declaration box ticked. Please be aware that orders can not be processed until we have had confirmation of the VAT exemption form either by post or email.

Internet orders that are entitled to VAT exemption will need to tick the VAT declaration box at the checkout, failure to do this will result in no discount.

Click here to download VAT Exemption Form

Please return VAT Form to:


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