All our recommended wigs and hairpieces are made of the highest quality human hair, giving them versatility and natural appearance. Each is individually tailored for you; we carefully recommend length, color and texture, and finish by cutting and styling the new hair to enhance your looks and boost your confidence. Part of the service is to show our clients how to care for and maintain the style at home in order to prolong the life of your hairpiece, and so that wearing it is both comfortable and enjoyable. Please see the different options available below.

From experience, we know that long term hair loss sufferers will wear real hair wigs, to create a feeling and look as close to normality as possible. These clients will have the versatility to style and use processes that would be indicative to having your own hair. The wearer must be made aware that although this is possibly the most preferred solution to permanent or partial hair-loss the time must be taken in the initial stages to attain a realistic match to the hair they still have or did have originally, the other factors that play an important part of this choice is the hair itself and its costs.Traditionally most real hair pieces are constituted from Indian or Chinese hair but also available at a significant cost is European (Caucasian) hair, by its fine nature and complexity to work with becomes a far more expensive solution. Prices in scale will always result in European long hair becoming the most expensive as the hair does not have to be treated chemically first to meet the needs of most European wearers, but the down side is availability and economic pressures of sourcing the product. Asian hair is the most widely used for real hair wigs, but unfortunately the down side to this is the longevity of such wigs as most of the hair that will be used will have to be pretreated, which most likely will include bleaching and recoloring to the desired tone and more than likely acid stripping the cuticle to make it easier to work with, hair must then have silicone applied to the shaft to reestablish a smooth reflective result, but within a short period you will expect to find color fade and slight dryness to the hair the same as which you would experience in normal over processed hair.

The advancements in synthetic wigs over the last few years has been greatly improved due to the on going research and development to find a fibre that will closely mimic human hair, with the manufacturing of fibre wigs the choice becomes endless using and combining fibers to give multi toned effects which closely imitate human hair colors and the ability to create fashion effects such as highlighting and manufacture the appearance of a tinted regrowth. When using synthetic wigs most users find the ease of use and washing an extreme benefit as once washed the wig will retake its original style and texture making it extremely stress free to care for and wear, but never must heat styling be applied to synthetic hairpieces such as straightening, tonging or blowdrying as this would result in the wig being destroyed. You must be aware that although human hair wigs are the most realistic they are also the most time consuming to keep and maintain as washing will leave the wearer the task of restyling as if they were having to style their own hair. Synthetic wigs have a definite advantage over real hair wigs , the price, even long premium quality fibre such as kanekalon which closely mimics human hair will result in being almost 50% less in price to an equivalent same length Asian type real hair wig, providing a good value alternative.

Basic wigs are usually machine fabricated, made from a series of man made wefts constructed in a series of panels or rows. Wefts are lengths of material that have the real or synthetic hair machine sown in to variety lengths and densities determining style and price. A more bespoke and expensive system will be constructed of a monofilament fibre base or polyurethane base or perhaps sometimes of a mixture of the two depending on the result required. This will give the wearer the look and feel of something lightweight and incredibly realistic. These bases will have individual human or synthetic hair threaded and knotted through the mesh for securing. The benefits of using a mixture of construction materials or a full polyurethane base is the ease of fixing and confidence of security by using medical grade adhesive tape to secure directly to the scalp. Membranes are typically constructed from one or more of the following materials: lace, polyurethane, monofilament, silicone, polygauze...

Filament Hairpieces are the latest technology in hair thinning solutions. They are virtually undetectable to the naked eye and very much like having your own hair; in no time at all you should become totally unaware that you are wearing the filament. The main benefit is that it is extremely lightweight, natural and comfortable, staying securely in place for up to 6 weeks at a time. Apart from hair transplants these really are the most realistic solutions available today.

Our team is composed of some of the most highly trained and experienced wig stylists available to customise your selection, as most off the peg wigs in standard form are usually to bulky and will need expert attention to thin and style by one of our staff to create a realistic and desirable finished effect to your chosen wig.

Fitting can vary depending on the multitude of different manufacturers and the type of "off the peg" wig, most of these will be adjustable through the nape area. Most wigs will vary their sizing by adjustable straps, velcro or clips. Wig size variations can differ according to the manufacturer thats why we we always recommend where possible for the client to visit our centre and participate in a free consultation and fitting by one of our experts to give you piece of mind that your purchase will result in the be right hairpiece. Custom-made wigs, also referred to as hair systems, will provide a bespoke fit produced by taking a mould of the head. From this template a lightweight membrane is produced creating a vacuum type fit with the scalp, referred to as a second skin.

At Essex Wig Centre we not only supply new wigs and hairpieces but also offer a very popular service of restoring your existing pieces to give them a new lease of life. This includes treatments such as renewing the existing color or adding a completely new one, restoring the condition, and revamping completely through restyling. We would be more than happy for you to bring your hairpiece in for a free consultation to advise you on what is possible.

The treatments we recommend and prescribe are all clinically proven and we strongly believe in their effectiveness whether they be botanical or cosmetic. With every purchased prescriptive treatment we will carry out the first procedure at our clinic free of charge and will advise and educate you personally to ensure that you are fully aware of all aspects of the treatment in order to achieve the optimum results.